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Intercambio académico internacional

The High School section and the Language Centre have organised for the second year the Students´ International Exchange program. We started last year with the participation of 6 students from our sister Lasallian school in Covington, Louisiana called "St. Paul´s School". This year we are very happy to announce that we have received 20 students: 12 from the school "Grebskov Gymnasium" in Helsinge, Denmark; 6 boys from "St Paul´s School" in Covington and 2 girls from "Sta. Scholastica" in Covington.
The second part of the program is when our mexican students go to these countries: 10 are going to Covington in March; 12 are going to Denmark in April and four more boys from the CCC are going to "De La Salle Academy" in Liverpool, England in April as well.
This is how the program works: each of the Mexican families involved in the program receive a foreign student. Our guests take classes in the High School section and participate in all the events. Apart from that, we have a suggested itinerary with cultural visits such as: Teotihuacan Pyramids, Basílica de Guadalupe, Xochimilco, Anthropology Museum, Zócalo, Templo Mayor, etc. Then, the same mexican students go to this same foreign students´ homes, take classes there and participate in cultural activities too. Each of the families in both sides pay for the expenses of their corresponding guest. Therefore, the program is very accessible since families only practically pay for the plane ticket.
This type of programs are extremely valuable and rewarding due to the fact that these girls and boys are directly involved in the culture, the academic and family life and the language in a total immersion experience.
Welcome students from Denmark and the United States!
Our Mexican families participating in the program…thank you!