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1st English Team Day

This last Saturday September 29th, our Preschool Teachers took part of the 1st English Team Day, organized by the General English Coordination of the CCC, along with the English Coordinators of all the Sections of our School.


More than 40 English Teachers part of Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Preparatory School, all together assisted to a very productive workshop, given by a specialist of Cambridge: Brad Bawtinheimer.


The topic was Grit: resilience, perseverance and hard work in the classroom.


We specially thank to our Lasallian District English General Coordinator, Vicky Perez, for attending to our training session, and to our sponsors, Richmond, Cambridge University Press and Kaplan, for all the materials and ideas given to all our School English Teachers.


This was the first of many Trainings to come, and we are so happy that we had such a great start!!!


Thank you, Teachers, this one was for you, for the benefit of our Students